Product Summaries

Lifecare Directives, LLC, offers a number of products that can be of significant importance to you as you work to ensure your future wishes:

Enriched Advance Directives
Territorial Advance Directives
Military and VA Advance Directives
Federal Inmate Advance Directives
International Advance Directives
Directive Completion Guides
Representative (Agent/Proxy) Guides
The Personal Notebook
The Representative (Agent/Proxy) Notebook
Personal Choices Discussion Guide
Representative Advance Directives
Durable Medical Protection Orders
Free State-Standard Directives
Advance Directive Statutes Summary
*  Booklet: "Should I complete an advance directive?"
*  Booklet: "Should I use a shorter directive?"
*  Book: "Strengthening Advance Directives"
The Personal Historian
*  Booklet: "Writing Your Life Story"
RootsMagic Family Tree
Family Reunion Organizer
Preserving Cherished Photos, Slides and Movies

A brief description of each is offered below.

Lifecare's Enriched "Advance Health Care Directive"
(~30 pgs. $7.99 USD; bulk order discounts available)

document closeup
The Lifecare "Advance Health Care Directive" is the result of more than 10 years of rigorous research. It's development involved the review of more than 6,000 articles from medical journals, legal publications, and the popular press, the review of all relevant state and most territorial statutes, and the comparative review of more than 100 existing advance directives.

Further, it was reviewed by literally scores of physicians, nurses, elder law attorneys, ethics specialists, and many other scientific and secondary researchers. Finally, more than 1,000 members of the general public participated in university-directed research to validate the document, with an additional 400 involved in direct comparative testing against other popular directive versions.

The Lifecare Directive was found to be inclusive of all significant issues important to the public, and to out-perform every other directive tested. We are pleased to offer a directive that is superior to all others, covering an extensive array of key health care issues that will be of profound importance to you and those you love.  For more information, click here

Copies of the directive and other associated materials can be obtained through the Ordering page.

Lifecare's "Territorial Directives"
(~30 pgs. $7.99 USD; bulk order discounts available)

The Enriched Lifecare Advance Directive has also been crafted to meet the legal and legislative statutes for four of the largest Territories of the United States: Guam, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, and the US Virgin Islands.  The needs of the various territories of the United States have heretofore been largely ignored.  Yet their legislative bodies have already taken the time to address advance directive issues specifically, and they should not be overlooked. Copies of the Lifecare Territorial Directives and associated materials can be obtained through the Ordering page.

Lifecare "Military and Veterans Advance Directives"
(~30 pgs. $7.99 USD; bulk order discounts available)

Eagle seal
There are special federal codes and regulatory guidelines governing the design of advance directives to be used by active duty military personnel.  These guidelines allow for the portability and enforcement of the advance directive no matter where the individual is assigned.  Similar guidelines exist for inactive personnel physically residing or being treated in a Veterans Administration care facility or hospital.  Advance directives based upon these guidelines have been created for each applicable branch of the military (Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines and Navy) and for Veterans in designated settings.  For more information, click here.  You may order the proper advance directive through the Ordering page.

Lifecare's "Federal Inmate Advance Directives"
(~30 pgs. $7.99 USD; bulk order discounts available)

Federal Prison
As with military and VA directives, there are unique federal codes and regulatory guidelines providing for advance directives to be used by federal inmates cared for in the medical and correctional facilities of the federal Bureau of Prisons.  These codes and regulations allow for the portability and enforcement of a properly designed advance directive, regardless of interstate transfers between federal facilities.  Advance directives (including "Representative Directives") based upon these guidelines have now been created.   To learn more about these advance directives, see the "Federal Inmate Directives" page.  Order this advance directive through the Ordering page.

Lifecare's "Advance Directive For International Use"
(35 pgs. $7.99 USD; bulk order discounts available)

Lifecare staff have designed a general-purpose advance directive for international use.  While translations into other languages are not yet available, this advance directive version should prove adequate for use in most countries where medical staff will often have excellent English language skills.  The International version can be obtained via the Ordering page.

Lifecare's "Guide to the Lifecare Directive"
(~30 pgs. $5.99; bulk order discounts available)

Personal Guide
This Guidebook reviews important background information to assist you in better understanding your directive. Further, it walks you step-by-step through the process of completing your directive, offering commentary and insights for nearly every entry in the document. In this way you can be sure that you understand not only the reasons behind every selection you are asked to make, but that you also make choices that best fit your personal goals and desires.  Obtain the Guide through the Ordering page.

Lifecare's "Guide to Representative (Agent/Proxy) Decision-Making"
(31 pgs. $3.99; bulk order discounts available)\
Doctor talking to patient
Being an Advance Directive Representative for another person is an extraordinarily important task. Many questions can arise, and numerous concerns must be dealt with. This Guidebook assists in clarifying the role, as well as dealing with and resolving conflicts, understanding and working with medical systems and staff, interpreting and applying Directive choices, and a host of other significant matters.  Make sure your appointed representative is fully supported by providing him or her with this important Guidebook.  The Ordering page will assist you in securing a copy for your state or territory.

Lifecare's "Personal Directive Notebook"
(17 pgs. $3.99; bulk order discounts available)
Hand writing
Your Lifecare advance directive includes a broad array of important choices assisting you in addressing most major circumstances of medical concern to you.  Even so, you may have other important stories, family and life experiences, and unique personal concerns that bear meaningfully upon the choices you wish to make. Such lengthy personal content could only be fully addressed in an extended addendum to your advance directive document.  The Personal Directive Notebook allows you to write out this additional information, thereby more fully ensuring that others will understand and honor your wishes.  Further, it also serves as a place to record your medical history, allergies, medications, insurance, primary physicians, treating facilities, etc.  This can be crucial information that is important to have gathered into a single, readily available document.  See the Ordering page to obtain a copy.

Lifecare's "Representative (Agent/Proxy) Notebook"
(15 pgs. $3.99; bulk order discounts available)
Hand writing with pen
Every article of significance on the topic of advance directives stresses the importance of making sure that you fully inform your family and any appointed agent or proxy of your specific personal wishes.  The Representative Discussion Notebook is an invaluable resource in which your agent or proxy can record, verbatim, any special instructions you may give.  It will also help them to capture other essential information -- such as medical history, allergies, medications, physician names, clinics and hospitals with important records, insurance information, emergency contacts, etc.  Thus, this Notebook can make the role of an appointed representative far more effective, and much easier to carry out.   A copy can be obtained via the Ordering page.

Lifecare's "Personal Choices Discussion Guide"
(22 pgs. $7.99; bulk order discounts available)
A couple discussing a directive
Some people are reluctant to complete a formal advance directive due to personal fears of one kind or another.  Some fear that the information may be misused.  Others are simply distrustful of institutional systems and/or legal forms, etc.  For these individuals Lifecare Directives staff have created the "Personal Choices Discussion Guide."
It addresses the same enriched content as the "Lifecare Advance Health care Directive," but it is assembled in an informal format requiring no signing, witnesses, etc. 

It can be used by patients to guide the process of discussing their wishes with their physician, and with their families to help them ensure they've made their most important wishes known. Once reading it, and realizing the significance of the content it covers, many individuals may find that they do want complete a more formal document.  For more information on the Discussion Guide, click here.  A copy can be obtained via the Ordering page.

Lifecare's "Representative Health Care Directive"
(~30 pgs. $7.99; bulk order discounts available)

Couple working on a directive
It is common for loved ones to have delayed completing an advance directive, often until it is too late -- i.e., after their capacity for legal decision-making has long past.  Loss of decision-making capacity can occur because of a stroke, a head injury of some kind, or it may be due to a deteriorating illness such as Alzheimer's disease.
Many treatment and care choices can only be made by a competent individual. 

However, at least 32 states have specific statutes providing for representative decision-making, and others have incidental statutes, case law (prior court rulings), and/or accepted and nationally endorsed practices and policy that yet provide for loved ones to make "representative", "proxy", or "surrogate" decisions.  However, most individuals are not aware of these important guidelines.

The Representative Health Care Directive summarizes these essential guidelines, and effectively leads families through advance planning and representative decision-making.  Thus, the Representative Health Care Directive is an indispensable tool for decision-making in behalf of a loved one in the absence of a prior advance directive -- or in situations where an existing document provides no real guidance.  Further it can provide invaluable assistance if legal guardianship and/or a court approved decision-maker ever becomes necessary.  For more information click here.  A state- or territory-specific copy can be obtained via the Ordering page.

Lifecare's "Durable Medical Protection Orders"
(16 pgs. $3.99; bulk order discounts available)

As patients' legal rights have grown, so have the various "medical orders" which can be issued to ensure that a loved one's wishes are known and followed by medical and emergency response staff.  Some of these medical orders include:
DNAR:  Do-Not-Attempt-Resuscitation (often simply "DNR").  A written DNAR order is issued when an individual or his or her duly appointed representative has declined CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation).  A DNAR order is typically issued when it is apparent that CPR would not succeed, or in situations of permanent poor health that the individual finds intolerable. 
DND:  Do-Not-Dialyze.  This is a written order confirming that an individual or his or her duly appointed representative has declined the use of kidney dialysis (in situations of kidney failure coupled with other permanent poor health). 
DNH:  Do-Not-Hospitalize.  This order is most typically issued for a long-term nursing home or terminal hospice patient, for whom alternate in-facility or in-home care options have already been arranged and when re-hospitalization can no longer meet their health care goals.
DNI:  Do-Not-Intubate.  A written DNI order is issued when an individual or his or her duly appointed representative has declined the placement of a breathing tube into the nose, mouth, or through a hole cut into the windpipe through the neck. 
DNT:  Do-Not-Transfuse.  This order is written when an individual has declined blood transfusions and/or the use of other specific blood products because the use of transfusions will not meet his or her health care goals.

The Lifecare "Durable Medical Protection Orders" booklet is designed for use only by individuals already in extremely poor health, severe enough to have discussed and received one (or more) of the above orders from a licensed medical practitioner.  Its purpose is to provide an ongoing durable record of these orders. 

Individual orders, as outlined above, are virtually always temporary (usually 'expiring' within days) and valid only in the current care facility or resident setting.  If discharged, transferred, or in the home, existing orders simply expire.  It can then be very difficult to reinstate the prior orders in any timely way.  Thus, the "Durable Medical Protection Orders" booklet provides an enduring record of 'standing' (permanent) medical orders, when signed by the issuing physician.  Not only can it better secure your wishes, but it can also aid in avoiding unnecessary reinstatement delays and emotionally traumatic and stressful repeat discussions simply to verify previous decisions already thoughtfully made. 

Obtain this product by proceeding to the "Professional Resources" section of the Shopping Cart, accessed through the the Ordering page, or by contacting Lifecare for bulk rates and institutional or organizational quantity discounts.

Lifecare's FREE "State-Standard Directives"

Couple looking at a laptop
As a courtesy to you, Lifecare Directives, LLC, makes available FREE download-able copies of the standard statutory directives for all states, the District of Columbia, and four territories.  These can be used for comparison and to aid you in seeing and appreciating the extensive enhancements available through your Lifecare Advance Directive.  Copies may be downloaded here.

Lifecare's "Advance Directive Statutes Summary"
(93 pgs.  $16.99)

Corner of a court house
This is a 93-page summary of state, district, territorial, military, and veteran advance directive statutes. Painstakingly assembled, it covers all 50 states, the District of Columbia, four major territories, and United States Military Code and the Code of Federal regulations on advance directives and other aspects of representative decision-making.  It is a wealth of information for those studying the topic, all condensed into the shortest possible summaries for each locale.  Order your copy by proceeding to the "Professional Resources" section of the Shopping Cart, accessed through the Ordering page.
Lifecare Guide: "Should I Complete an Advance Directive?"
(21 pgs; FREE download)
Confused girl at a computer
This is an easy-to-read 21-page booklet that is provided FREE as a download-able educational resource for those involved in teaching and counseling patients and families about the use of advance directives.  Specifically intended to aid educators dealing with individuals who are reluctant to complete a legal document, the booklet covers::

* "What is an Advance Directive?" and briefly outlines the various forms:
* "The Living Will", with a short review of its history and problems; and,
* "The Medical Power of Attorney" (and related appointment documents);
*  It also offers guidelines for naming someone as a substitute decision-maker.

In addition, it covers the "Outcomes Content Solution," which summarizes recent improvements in advance directives in general and living wills in particular.
Finally, it concludes with a thorough response to: "Should I Complete an Advance Directive" as answered through a case-by-case review of actual experiences and outcomes based upon three options: "do nothing", "tell only", and "write out and discuss". 
This booklet can be freely copied for educational purposes.  Download a PDF copy by clicking here.
Lifecare Guide: "Should I Use a Shorter Advance Directive?"
(32 pgs. $6.99 USD)
Confused online
This is a 32-page, 199-footnote booklet addressing the topic of using a content-limited state-standard advance directive.  It reviews the past history and some of problems associated with conventional advance directives.  It then explains and clarifies the enriched content of the Lifecare Advance Directive.  While it is a far more concise document than the professional textbook "Strengthening Advance Directives: overcoming past limitations through enhanced theory, design, and application" (355 pages and over 900 footnotes), it still provides a useful review of the enriched directive and the content enhancements identified as necessary through research. Purchase a download or softbound copy of this book by proceeding to the "Professional Resources" section of the Shopping Cart, accessed through the Ordering page.
Researchers at a table
Clinical Resource: "Strengthening Advance Directives"
(355 pgs. $39.99)

This is a 355-page book summarizing the historical, social, theoretical, and legal issues surrounding the use of advance directives.  It contains never-before-published research, and a wealth of supplemental information.
With over 900 individual references in the bibliography, it is a must-have educational resource for physicians, clinical educators, hospital social workers, medical counselors and others who encounter advance directives in their clinical or educational practice.  Obtain this book as a download or softbound copy by proceeding to the "Professional Resources" section of the Shopping Cart, accessed through the Ordering page.

The Personal Historian
(Software. $29.95 USD)
Personal historian box
At last there is high quality software to assist you in writing your own personal history, or the history of someone you love.  For Windows Vista, XP, 95, 98, ME, NT and 2000.
From start to finish, the Personal Historian is the quickest, easiest, and most enjoyable way to write your own personal history or that of another individual.

The Personal Historian breaks your history into small, manageable pieces and then reconstructs it into a complete, publishable document.  Plus, the Personal Historian offers memory triggers, historical events, and "life capsules" to help you with a multitude of writing ideas.  Click here to learn more about the Personal Historian, or Order here.

Writing Your Life Story: A 'how to' guide for aspiring family writers
(20 pgs. $6.99 USD)
A watch and a book
Finally, those who feel overwhelmed with computers now have another alternative!  They can choose to order the Lifecare guide to "Writing Your Life Story."  It is an easy-to-read 20-page booklet packed with information, tips, guidelines, memory prompts, organizational recommendations, outlines, etc.

The goal of writing your own life story, or that of someone you love is now within easy reach. Whether you wish to encompass a full life (an autobiography) or just life excerpts (memoirs), this guide is for you.  Don't try to reinvent a wheel that has already been built!  Order this Guidebook today.  Click here for more about the Personal History Writing guide, or obtain your copy by Ordering here.

RootsMagic 3: Mapping your family tree
(Software. $29.95 USD)
Roots magic DVD cover
RootsMagic is the easiest to use family tree software available today (for Windows Vista, XP, 95, 98, ME, NT, and 2000), yet it is also one of the most powerful.
Professional genealogists and beginners alike depend on RootsMagic for all their genealogy needs.  The capacity to make "Shareable CDs" (tm) to give to family and friends, and many other new features, keep RootsMagic 3 at "the top of the genealogy tree".  To learn more click here, or obtain your copy through the Ordering page.

Family Reunion Organizer: Creating unforgettable family memories for a lifetime
(Software. $29.95 USD)
Family Reunion Organizer box
Now is the time to create unforgettable family memories, and it has never been easier to plan your own family reunion!  Family Reunion Organizer organizes your guest list, finances, schedules, and assignments.  It even suggests and helps you plan activities and events, and to even prepare family awards!  Print your own invitations, name tags, mailing labels and dozens of other items to make organizing your reunion a breeze!  For Windows XP, 95, 98, ME, NT and 2000.  Click here for more about the Family Reunion Organizer.  Then obtain your own copy through the Ordering page.

DIGAMATION: "Preserving Your Cherished Photographs and Movies"
(As low as 39¢ a photo scan - Contact for pricing)
Digimation logo
As you work to create and expand your family history, you will also want to take the time to transfer your cherished family photographs, slides and movies to DVD for easy sharing and long-term preservation.  For those not proficient in film and video editing -- and especially when photograph restoration is necessary -- you may need to seek professional assistance.

DIGAMATION is a company that provides photo scanning, DVD slideshow creation, video to DVD movie creation, and many other services.  Take your old photographs (or photo negatives), film strips, film-based home movies, or VHS or digital home movies and have them professionally scanned, edited, and set to music or other narration, and then produced as DVD's that you can share with everyone in your family!  Click here to learn more.

We are confident that you will have found many Lifecare products that are important for preserving and enhancing your well-being and that of  those you love, while drawing your family closer together!

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